Excerpts from Captain John T. Walbran, British Columbia Coast Names, Copyright (c) J.J. Douglas Ltd., 1971. First Published by the Government Printing Bureau, Ottawa, 1909.

Haro Strait.
Named, in 1790, by Sub-lieutenant Manuel Quimper of the Spanish navy, commanding the Princess Royal, after his first mate ("prima pilota") Gonzalez Lopez de Haro. [Haro was born before 1788 and died in 1823.]

Mayne Island, Active Pass.
After Lieutenant Richard Charles Mayne, R. N. [Born 1835.] Entered the Navy in 1847. ... Died 1892. Named by Captain Richards, 1858 and 1861.

Moresby Island, Haro strait.
After Rear Admiral Fairfax Moresby, commander in chief, Pacific station, 1850-1853. ... Born 1786, and entered the Navy in 1799 ... Died 21 January, 1877. named ... by Captain Richards, H.M.S. Plumper, in 1858.

Pender Island, Haro Strait.
Named by Captain Richards, R.N., 1859 and 1860, after Daniel Pender, master, R.N., who arrived on this coast as second master of H.M. surveying vessel Plumper, 9 November, 1857. ... Died 1891.

Saturna Island, Strait of Georgia.
Named, in 1791, after the Spanish Naval schooner Saturnina, alias Horcacitas, 7 guns commanded by Jose Maria Narvaez, which vessel in company with the San Carlos, 16 guns, Lieut. Commander Eliza, who was in charge of the expedition, left Nootka Sound, 5 May, 1791, to explore the channels to the northeastward of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. ...

Swanson channel, Haro strait.
After Captain John Swanson, of the Hudson's Bay service. Arrived on this coast from England in 1842, and was engaged in the schooner Cadboro and barque Vancouver, 1843-1845. Master mariner, 1855. Captain Swanson had charge of several Hudson's Bay vessels, including the Beaver, 1858; Labouchere, 1859-1863 (see Colonist, 7 June, 1860); Otter, 1866 (for interesting voyage of Otter, see Colonist, 2 February, 1866); and Enterprise, 1868-1870. Born, 1827. Died in Victoria, 21 October, 1872.

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